I sit alone again tonight,

Staring at the full moon's gaze,

Wondering if you're out there somewhere,

Thinking of me as you do the same.

It seems I've spent a thousand lifetimes,

In your arms, In my mind.

But in the morning I'll awaken,

Without the love I just can't find.

I know you're out there somwhere.

I lay here in the full moon's light.

I think of you and close my eyes,

And though I see you plain as day,

In my search for you, I'm lost and blind.

It seems it's been a thousand lifetimes.

If its crazy I don't care.

I've been so many years,

So deep in love,

With someone who isn't really there.

I know you're out there somewhere.

I lay down my head tonight,

And saw your face inside a dream.

You told me never to give up,

That someday you would come for me.

So I'm here alone again,

Wondering how long I must wait.

Against all odds,

I do what you tell me,

Hold on one more day, and just have faith.

I know you're out there somewhere.