I don't think I am ever going to understand the male half of the species. Take for instance the big blowup between my ex chaz, and one of my good friends Mike. let me start by saying you both are acting like complete jerks. Mike, there is calling someone out righteously, and then well, there's taking it too far. I guess we all just have to find that fine line somewhere.

Chaz, calling here days on end threatening to harm yourself is not amusing in the least. Just because we have problems now does not mean your life is over, be a man and deal with it. So you might have been outed to a few people you were interested in, life goes on. I now have friends that wont talk to me because I haven't gotten angry enough to tell you to take a flying leap. Keep calling and threatening suicide and I will. If you aren't hapy with the way your life is going, be a man and change it, only you can.  Get off your lazy rock star butt, get a second job within walking distance of home, save up to get yourself a new car, get your own place, and quit sponging off of Ed for heaven's sake. You have no right to whine, unless you're trying to improve the situation, and you have yet to show me that you are. All I hear are excuses, justification and poor reasons why you can't, please, spare me.