Chaz came by this morning. It was really strange to see him again after all this time.Sitting there talking with him, he almost felt like a stranger, and not someone I planned to spend my life with. Nothing went like I expected, no tears, no arguing, I've just felt completely numb ever since then.

Its strange, just sitting there listening to him make small talk like he did on the phone, asking my advice about his relationship with someone else. It just seemed the same as before, no remorse, just empty words, the Chaz I knew is gone.

I don't think I've wanted to do anything but sleep since he left. I'm just so exhausted between not sleeping all night, and all thats happened. I haven't meant to drop off of the face of the earth today, as an offense to anyone. I think I just need to sleep, and take time to let this all sink in. I knew facing him again wasn't going to be easy, but maybe now that it's been done I can finally start to let it go.