I’m feeling a bit at the end of my rope again, so forgive me if things seem a bit out there. There’s so much I’m thinking and feeling that I just can’t escape. Theres only distraction, but thats only temporary, as soon as it’s over those thoughts and feelings only return again.

I can tell I’ve been depressed the last day or so. I’ve been sleeping a lot more than usual. I woke up from a nap yesterday feeling this way and I still can’t get it to shake. I woke up hearing music in my head again today, after I nodded off for a few minutes waiting on the pizza. It wasn’t just the music this time, but some very bizarre thoughts, some of which I really can’t talk about here.

I’m just beginning to feel the weight of the inevitable, and as much as i pray I won’t have to face it alone, I know that I might. The tears just won’t stop. Every day I cry and pray a little more.