I have this next door neighbor that really creeps me out. i don't really know him in more than passing, but he feels the need to get drunk while his wife is at work, and come knocking on my door. Naturally I dont let him in, but he stands out there pounding for sometimes a half hour to an hour at a time, talking to himself. He won't go away, even if asked, or told to do so. Today I finally got fed up waiting for him to go away and called the police.

This guy is the reason I keep my doors locked and deadbolted even in the daytime. I've heard him turn my doorknobs, trying to let himself in when I don't answer him. I've now gone to not only the police, but the landlady about him. I've lived in this neighborhood all but a handful of years out of my life, and up until now I've never been afraid here. There's no way  I'm gonna take this lying down.