It never ceases to amaze me the things that can mess up with one accidental drop of a keyboard. Take for instance what happed to me a few moments ago. I don't have a desk yet, so I sit here on the floor, keyboard balanced across my knees. the dear puppy decides to try to nuzzle her way onto said lap…and over goes the keyboard keys down. Lo and behold, only a brief second later, all fonts have shrunk to an unreadable level.

 So silly me I am on IMs the one thing seemingly unaffected by the problem, freaking out to my friend Hannie about this. She gives me a few suggestions and I have IE fixed in a lash. Not so for the AOL. It takes restarting and fidling with a few more things under their settings page until finally, yes, I find something resembling what my friend said I should look for to fix it. Problem solved…yay…

It just amazes me that one briefly dropped keyboard can do in a fraction of a second what it takes you nearly 20 minutes to undo. What can I say, when i mess things up, I do it with style!