Megan is driving me a little batty. She has to be the strangest dog I have ever seen. It doesn't matter what it is, she feels the need to hide things and has little stashes all over the house. Even stranger, is the fact that even though shes fixed, she still has designs on doing naughty things to my stuffed tiger. (wah huh?) yeah, thats what I said too…

In some ways I've been feeling a bit better. i moved my journal due to virus problems at the site it was hosted at. I'm glad to see they have much cooler templates here now, bravo!

Someone asked me out a couple of days ago, but oddly enough I just clammed up. I guess Im really not ready to go back there again quite yet. Maybe I still just need some more time. I think it's like I told Tonya earlier today on the phone. If God has someone out there for me, he's really gonna have to slap me upside the head with him, cause I'm through looking for a long time. it isn't that I wouldn't want a realtionship again, but next time I just want it to be right..maybe you know what I mean. Two years of your life is a long time to waste with someone who never really loved you. Next time, before I let things go that far, I don't want to THINK someone loves me I want to KNOW.