It's been a crazy but otherwise boring week. i finally told him off on the phone, and he hasn't called back since. I can safely say so far not hearing his voice every day has made me feel a lot better. Maybe I was right, getting over him will be a lot easier if he isn't a part of my life at all.

My friend Johanna is recovering from surgery, and i'm really glad that even though she is in a lot of pain that she is a lot better now. You had me worried girl! Throught I'd send the angel you gave me when I was sad, and going through a tough time, right back to you. See, I didn't forget!

I still don't know quite where I am going from here. It still feels as if I have this huge hole in my life, that I'm praying someday, God is going to send the right person to fill. Its just that at times like this, it's hard to have faith that it will ever really happen.

Even though I know just as so many have told me that this is all probably for the best, at moments it still feels like the end of the world. It hurts to be convinced for so long that someone is the one, only to have that image and your heart completely shattered. If he wasn't the one I was dreaming of for all those years, I've begun to wonder if that person really is out there. If he is out there, I honestly don't know what he would want with a mixed up mess of a human being like me.